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The world is theirs

The world is theirs

Sweden players join Moin on theme song

Published 23.03.2015 09:30 GMT+1 | Author Risto Pakarinen
The world is theirs
Singer and songwriter Mahan Moin with the Swedish women's national team in the background.
The enthusiasm is contagious. There’s something about women’s hockey that touches the hearts and minds of almost everybody who comes into contact with it.

Whether it’s the young girls taking their first strides on the ice, or a grizzly coach who’s taken on coaching a women’s team - say, Leif Boork, head coach of Team Sweden, or Kevin Dineen, a former NHLer who coached Team Canada to gold in Sochi, and currently assistant coach of the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL.

Or Mahan Moin.

Moin is the Iranian-Swedish singer-songwriter who performs “The World Is Mine”, the anthem of the Women’s World Championship in Malmö, a song she also helped write.

And if ever an event had a theme song that fit perfectly, this is it, especially if the purpose of the anthem is to make you pump your fist and make you believe anything is possible.

“The world is mine
and the world is yours
Together we can, we can make us heard
For the girls out there
I sing this song”

While the lyrics fit every single team in the tournament, they also capture the state of women’s hockey, and the singer’s own story, for that matter. Moin left Iran as a nine-year-old, spent a year illegally in Sweden before she got her permission to stay. Last year, the 32-year-old took the stage in the Swedish qualification to the Eurovision Song Contest, having also finished third in the Persian Idol in 2011.

And on 28th March, she’ll perform The World Is Mine at the opening ceremony of the Women’s World Championship, something she didn’t expect to do a year ago.

“I didn’t even know women played hockey, when I was a girl, I was never introduced to the sport. And now it’s a little late for me,” she says with a laugh.

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Moin spent a couple of days with the Sweden women’s national team to shoot the video for the song, and came away impressed with the players.

“I wanted to get to know them a little bit and it’s obvious they have a lot of passion for the sport, and that they want to help the game grow,” she says.

For the players, shooting a music video was a new and welcome experience as part of their preparation for the tournament.

“First of all, it’s really cool that the tournament has an anthem, and Mahan is a fantastic singer. The song really gets to you, it’s very soulful,” says Pernilla Winberg.

“Also, she really threw herself into the song, and to working with female athletes,” adds the veteran forward.

Yes, veteran. Winberg was 16 when she played in her first Olympic tournament in Turin. Now, at 26, Winberg says even coach Leif Boork calls her the “old lady”.

A group of players shot the video with Moin over a couple days, first as a backup choir to Moin, then in their own element, on the ice, the next day.

“It was great to get to do something new and different. It was very inspiring,” says Winberg.

And the best part?

“I’ve heard the song a couple of hundred times now, and it’s still great,” she says, with a laugh.

Mahan Moin won’t be done with hockey after she’s performed the song at the opening ceremony, now that the bug’s got to her.

“I’ll make sure to watch the games. Maybe not every single one, but all of Sweden’s games, for sure,” she says.

“These players are heroes, strong women we can look up to. We have to take this message to the next generation, and really put them in the spotlight.”

We fight for this night and day
Ooh, with courage and faith
filled with passion and love
we win this game in time

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