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Growing interest

Growing interest

Malmo pushes girls‘ hockey ahead of Worlds

Published 08.11.2014 10:42 GMT+1 | Author Martin Merk
Growing interest
15 girls tried hockey at the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend event in Malmo. Photo: Limhamn Hockey
With the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship in Malmo, the city in southern Sweden wants to get more girls to the rink.

Currently Malmo is not represented in the top-two women’s hockey leagues of the country, but in the fast growing sport of women’s hockey things can change quickly if enthusiastic people take the right steps.

For the Malmo, having the pinnacle of the sport in the city for the biggest women’s hockey event since the Sochi Olympics was a good reason to organize an event during the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend in October with the hope of creating the first women’s hockey team in the city and promoting the Women’s Worlds next spring.

The event was organized by Limhamns Hockey at the Limhamns ice rink in the southwest of the city, about two kilometres from Malmo Arena where the 2014 IIHF World Junior Championship was hosted last winter.

The 15 participants had the chance to borrow equipment and try hockey. They practised passing, shooting and skating. And they were helped by girls from other Swedish hockey clubs. Once the event was over they ate hot dogs together and many asked how to join the club.

“We hope to start a girls’ team this season and this was a good start. We also hope to promote women’s hockey since Malmo is hosting the Women’s World Championship,” said Helena Vilhelmsson of Limhamn Hockey.

With the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship around the corner in which Sweden’s “Damkronorna” will play Olympic bronze medallist Switzerland, Germany and a qualifier to be determined in the upcoming days in a series between Japan and the Czech Republic in Group B of the event.

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The best two teams of the group will advance to the final round with the top-seeded teams USA, Canada, Russia and Finland.

Women’s ice hockey is back on the rise in Sweden. The World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend took place at 26 different venues throughout the country. In total more than 340 events were staged as part of the initiative in 32 countries on five continents to give thousands of girls the opportunity to try hockey from anywhere between Argentina and Australia.


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